Founded in 1879, Lis Neris is a four generation family estate located in the centre of Friuli, in the charming village of San Lorenzo, south west of Gorizia. The 74 ha of vineyards are planted between the Slovenian border to the North and the right bank of the Isonzo river to the South. Being close to the sea, the climate is typically Mediterranean, and the bora – a prevailing wind coming from the Adriatic Sea – has a cooling effect. A wide diurnal range encourages slow ripening and results in concentrated grapes with balanced acidity. The soil, formed by calcareous gravel dragged down by the melting of the Eastern Alps glaciers, stores the warmth during the day and releases it at night time, also helping the grapes to ripen.

Today, Alvaro Pecorari runs the winery and has expanded and improved the project started by his father in the seventies. The wines are produced from the domaine’s estate vineyards, and vineyards in Slovenia they closely manage.

Farming practices/sustainability: the winery follows sustainable farming. No herbicide has been used since 2002 and no insecticide is used, except a single annual treatment imposed by EU regulations against Flavescence dorée. Fungicides are used against downy mildew and powdery mildew under a program imposed by EU regulations. The winery is powered by solar panels and is fully autonomous.

“Lis Neris has been well-known in Italy for years, but I rarely, if ever, hear much about the wines in the US, which is a shame. Proprietor Alvaro Pecorari crafts rich, textured wines from his vineyards in the Isonzo district. The whites are all aged in 500-liter barrels, which gives the wines considerable texture.”
Antonio Galloni,, June 2015

Lis Neris

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