Cirka Vodka Terroir

A North American style of vodka


Inspired by a particularly exquisite glass of whisky on a trip to London, Paul Cirka set out to reimagine Québéc whisky. He found a space along Lachine Canal in Montréal, a stone’s throw from the emblematic silos of the Canada Malting Company, and launched CIRKA Distilleries in 2014.

CIRKA became the first Québec microdistillery to produce spirits from grain to glass, a new concept in the region.


Vodka Terroir starts with premium corn grown in Québec. Careful distillation in a 24ft vodka column for over 20 hours increases purity without stripping flavor and creates a velvety texture that gently coats the palate.

A delicate sweet aroma with caramel on the palate and a hint of lingering licorice. Delicate, balanced, and a joy to discover. 40% ABV.

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