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The creation and enjoyment of wine and spirits is an essential human experience. These hand-crafted products represent the ultimate expression of a culture and a place, of people interacting at the highest level with nature.

This is the ideal that VOS Selections has successfully brought to the market for the past 35 years, starting in 1987 when Founder Victor Owen Schwartz moved to France to pursue his personal dream of bringing artisanal wines from undiscovered appellations to the New York market. He absorbed the philosophy of vignerons (wine-farmers): great wine can only be made on a human scale by human hands and minds. Mass production leads to shortcuts from agribusiness and demands mechanization, degrading quality and the human spirit. He also learned that there are no formulas: abide by what nature gives you and craft the best you can from the finest raw ingredients.

Today, VOS Selections honors those founding principles with wines and spirits from 16 different countries and 5 continents, where every single product is carefully selected for its quality and authenticity. The wines and spirits in the VOS Selections Portfolio are hand-made by women and men who strive to express the highest qualities of their place. The VOS team of 20 is filled with the same passion for excellence. Headed by Victor Owen Schwartz, they serve the New York/ New Jersey market with personal service and attention to customers’ needs.

The search is unending and the experience is continually unfolding. We welcome you to engage in that experience when you open a bottle of a VOS Selections wine or spirit.