The estate lies 18 km south-east of ‎Nantes, right in the middle of the ‎Muscadet Sèvre et Maine protected ‎designation of origin. The Branger family have been working at this domaine for four generations, cultivating their vineyard with a passion not commonly seen in this appellation. Their leitmotiv is “the passion of hard work, discretion and simplicity allows us to produce this exceptional Muscadet for the joy of consumers.”

Established on the slopes of Sèvre between Saint-Fiacre and Monnières, the vines benefit from the best conditions of maturation. The estate now covers 30 hectares of vineyards broken into several plots, with a different exposition, all on shallow siliceous clay soil and a subsoil of metamorphic rock (gneiss, ‎orthogneiss and amphibolites). The result is a range of highly individual “clos”: Le Clos de la ‎Févrie, Les Mauguitonnières, Les Gras moutons (Saint-Fiacre), Le Clos Joubert, Le Moulin ‎de la Gustais, Le Clos du Pégatine and many others.‎ With its relatively old vines (40 years and older) the grapes are hand-picked, which is very rare in Muscadet. The methods employed in the cellar are similarly painstaking, and produce complex and elegant wines.

“Branger makes some of (Muscadet’s) best wine” – Jacqueline Friedrich.

Farming/winemaking practices: certified organic. The wines are vegan.

Domaine Haute Févrie

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