Château La Galiane is a family-run property in the Margaux commune of Soussans. It is owned and managed by Christiane Renon, who represents the third generation. The names of the estate derives from the English general, Galiane, who was prominent in Aquitaine during the 100 Years War. The estate’s 5 hectares are planted with 50% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Petit Verdot. The average age of the vines is over 50 years, among the oldest in the appellation, and some plants are over 100 years old. The high proportion of Merlot is unusual in the Medoc and it contributes to the warm, rich style of Château La Galiane.

Château La Galiane is a classic Margaux, combining richly satisfying dark berry and cassis flavors and finesse. The wine is usually ready to enjoy on release but can be cellared for up to ten years. Small family properties in Bordeaux rarely export to the USA, and Château La Galiane is an undiscovered gem.

Farming practices: The soils are plowed and cultivated by hand with the addition of organic fertilizer only when needed. No herbicides are used. In February, a tractor passes through the rows with a plow that turns over the soil and grass. The mound of soil that is under the vines is flattened out by hand. After this operation, pruning and vine-training begins for the next vintage. Excess buds and foliage is removed over the growing season, and a green-harvest is done to limit yields and remove imperfect bunches. Harvest is done by hand and a triage is carried out in the vineyard. A further triage is done at the winery using a sorting table. These measures ensure that only perfectly healthy fruit is vinified.

Château La Galiane

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