Bernard Moreau is a viticulteur based in the village of Mancey, in the northernmost part of the Macon wine region. He has been in charge of his 8 hectare family domaine since 1982, when he took over from his father. The vineyards are planted with 20% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, and 50% Gamay vines.

Farming practices: sustainable agriculture. Moreau takes great care to ensure that his vines are in excellent health by constantly observing the vegetative cycle and the natural environment. His observations allow him to take the minimal necessary measures for vine treatments. Moreau plants grass between rows and only tills the soil when the grass is overgrown, thereby leaving the soil as undisturbed as possible. He places vine cuttings and straw on the soil as mulch in order to control erosion and avoid compacting the soil with his tractor. These elements also naturally check the growth of grass between the rows and enrich the microbiological vitality of the soil as they decompose.

2016 harvest notes: the growing season got off to a late start due to cool temperatures and rain into June. Flowering occurred late, about June 25th. Moreau’s vineyards did not suffer from frost or hail. Summer weather gradually turned hot and dry, allowing the grapes to ripen steadily and develop concentrated flavors and aromas. Veraison occurred in mid-August. The quality of the vintage was assured by excellent weather from mid-July through harvest. Moreau began picking his Pinot Noir on September 29th and his Chardonnay grapes five days later. Picking proceeded under warm (highs of 75-77 degrees) and dry days with cool nights. Yields and production were lower than usual. But the 2016 vintage’s ripe, bright, energetic and vividly expressive fruit more than compensates for the quantity deficit.

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