Born from a time when European governments where outlawing absinthe, this family run house was started in 1900. Jean Michel Berneau & Family are the original owners of La Muse Verte Pastis and Absinthe. They have been making the absinthe for over a hundred years and pastis since 1935. Their very small production site was located near Bordeaux. The name La Muse Verte was created for the market in 1992 when Jean Michel decided to start selling his pastis made according to the recipe of his father and grandfather. The quality of the product was so good it was an instant success in France and the pastis could be found in all the best restaurants. In 2002, Jean Michel retired and sold his company to Artez Sarl, a small producer of armagnac in the village of Arthez d’Armagnac. Today, Jean Michel stills works with Artez as a master blender. In 2002, Artez and Jean Michel decided to revive the absinthe that Jean Michel’s grandfather used to make in the early 1900s, an original recipe that has been adapted for the current regulations on absinthe.


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