Oomuraya Brewery was established in 1832 in Shimada, Shizuoko prefecture. Located along the Ohi river, which flows from Japan’s southern Alps, in the center of the country, to the Pacific Ocean, the town once prospered with lodging. Wakatake Onikoroshi sake is historically famous for having comforted many weary travelers crossing the Ohi. Although there were several breweries in the town at that time, due to its good-quality water, Oomuraya is the only one remaining now. It is run by Mr. Keisaji Matsunaga, the 6th generation owner. The current Toji or Brewmaster is Mr. Satoru Hibino. The team is small, 5 to 7 people, and dedicated to preserve and convey one of the most important traditional industries of Japan to the next generation. 

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