Yu No (Alcohol-Free Gin)

Yu No

Yu No (Alcohol-Free Gin)

Country France
Producer Spiritique
Spirit Type Gin

Inspired by Japanese traditions and the famous Yuzu lemon, Yu No offers: freshness, subtlety and a wealth of aromas, all in an originally designed glass bottle reminiscent of a Zen garden.

Produced in the region of Cognac, Yu NO is the alcohol-free version of the highly successful Yu Gin. It is made from the distillation of fresh yuzu and other botanicals, including Sichuan pepper, juniper, coriander, to create a perfectly refreshing and tasty alcohol-free distilled drink. It contains no alcohol, and an ultra-low level of sugar. 

Just like Yu Gin, it is the perfect base for the creation of great classics such as Yu & tonic or Yu Gimlet, but why not taste it neat or on the rocks? It is a whole new type of taste, which opens to a new creativity in the way it is consumed.

More than ever, everyone loves Yu!

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About the Producer

Spiritique was started when three veterans of the spirits business - Stéphane Aussel, Laurent Berriat and Olivier Hidier - decided to get together and create a company that specializes in quality French Spirits made from the best ingredients, presented in really handsome packaging. Every Spiritique product is carefully crafted in France, respecting tradition while embracing innovation.

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