Yama Yuzu

Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu Shibori

Yama Yuzu


Country Japan
Prefecture Kochi
Producer Tsukasabotan


Style Infused sake
Other Features Vegan

Junmai Sake reduced to 8% alcohol with Yuzu juice. Semi sweet and filled with the fruity aroma of mountain yuzu citrus fruit. Extremely refreshing, crisp acidity.

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About the Producer

Tsukasabotan is one of the oldest and most prestigious breweries in the Kochi prefecture on the south coast of Shikoku, Japan. It was founded in 1603 in the town of Tosa and it belonged to Lord Shigeyoshi Fukaoizuminokami, who ruled Sagawa castle. It is located in a valley surrounded by the Shikoku mountain range and its 90 meter long white wall was built in the late Edo era. Operating virtually uninterrupted (apart from some pauses during the World Wars) for four centuries, the business was formally incorporated in its modern form in 1918.

Tsukasabotan - the name means "King of Peony"- is widely known as "the dry sake of Tosa". It is said that you can’t talk about it without drinking it in the process, and it is favorably mentioned in "Ryōma Goes His Way", a historical novel by Japanese author Ryōtarō Shiba.

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