Wild Blueberry – Méthode Traditionelle

Bluet methode traditionnelle

Wild Blueberry – Méthode Traditionelle

Country USA
Region Maine
Producer Bluet


Style Sparkling
Other Features No sulfites added, Vegan, Indigenous yeasts

Made from 100% Maine wild blueberries – two pounds in every bottle. Wild blueberries have twice the antioxidants of “grocery store” hybridized blueberries, and great natural acidity. Bluet is a bone dry wine of moderate alcohol with nothing added other than yeast and the liqueur de tirage to produce effervescence.

Bluet defies expectations, offers subtle and complex aromasand lives in a world between cider and fine wine. It is naturally well balanced and refreshing. The bright acidity and bubbles work nicely with salt and fat. 7% alcohol.

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About the Producer

"Some say we’ve got a cousin in kombucha and we agree. It’s also a bit wild like a lambic or heritage cider. The fact is Bluet’s unique, wicked tart, and 100% pure."

Michael Terrien and Eric Martin grew up together in Maine. They headed west after college and teamed up making wine in Napa for back-to-back harvests. Eric became a novelist and moved to North Carolina, while Michael continued making wine in California. He worked at Acacia and Hanzell under the tutelage of some great mentors, founded in 2002 Poseidon Vineyard and Obsidian Ridge together with Arpad Molnar and Peter Molnar, and started his eponymous boutique line in 2007, with a chardonnay released in the spring and a pinot noir released in the fall.

Every summer, he and Eric would meet in Maine. Created in 2014, Bluet was born of these four decades of friendship, a lifelong habit of making things together, and their love of good food, good drink and the State of Maine. It started in an 1820s barn in Jefferson, Maine – a natural setting for a truly Maine wine. The fieldstone cellar turned out to be no match for winter’s cold,  so in 2017 the operation was moved to a respectable if less romantic concrete and steel building. Happily, this new space allowed for the creation in 2018 of a Charmat Method wild blueberry sparkler, made in the style of Prosecco. Both the original Méthode Traditionnelle and the new sparkling are pure expressions of their single ingredient: Maine wild blueberries, each with a character of its own.

Small family farms have been struggling with shifting global agricultural economics that favor industrially produced hybrid berries. The native Maine wild blueberry grows on the acidic, gravelly soils that were deposited by glaciers after the last ice age. Appearing from mid-coast to Down East in dense short thickets, wild blueberries are tiny, dark, and more flavorful than the big berries you find at your grocery store. Not surprisingly, wild blueberries possess twice the anti-oxidant effects of hybrid blueberries. With two pounds pressed to make every bottle, Bluet is naturally healthy!

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