“One Daughter” Junmai Nigori

Hitorimusume – nigori

“One Daughter” Junmai Nigori


Country Japan
Producer Hitorimusume
Prefecture Ibaraki


Grade Junmai
Style Nigori
Nigori type sake is cloudy, with some lees remaining. It can range from slightly cloudy to milky white.
This is a remarkably dry, clean and elegant Nigori sake with notes of citrus fruit, starfruit, coconut, and a mineral finish as precise as Austrian Grüner Veltliner. It pairs well with vegetables (especially asparagus) and also makes a nice and refreshing aperitif.

SMV: +10 – Acidity: 1.4 – Alcohol content: 14.5%

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About the Producer

Yamanka Shuzoten Brewery was established in 1805 and has been operated by eight generations of the Yamanaka family in Ishige Town, Ibaraki Prefecture. They gave their sakes the brand name Hitorimusume (only daughter) to convey their affection and familial pride for a sake that they regard as their beloved progeny.