New Zealand Navy Strength Gin

NDC Navy

New Zealand Navy Strength Gin


Country New Zealand
Spirit Type Gin


Producer National Distillery Company

Inspired by a classic, juniper led London dry gin bouquet, a supporting duo of lemon peel and native New Zealand flaxseed, NDC’s New Zealand Navy Strength Gin is a tip of the hat to the pirates! 58% ABV.

Traditional pine and citrus notes are embellished and guided to a deeper place by the unctuous, yet finely structured tones of New Zealand orris root.

The base spirit, chosen through extensive blind tastings with National Distillation Company’s tasting panel, made up of their team and some of New Zealand’s best wine makers, brewers and bartenders, is high-quality ethanol made from casein whey, a by-product of grass-fed New Zealand cows.

Traditionally ethanol is manufactured using molasses, cane sugar or grain as the raw material. NDC’s supplier is one of the few in the world where casein whey is the feedstock for ethanol production. The casein whey contains lactose (milk sugar) which is broken down into ethanol in an anaerobic process. The ethanol is manufactured by using batch fermentation. It is recovered from the fermented liquid by distillation, and the ethanol is then concentrated through a four stage distillation process, which results in a final product that is pure and clean.

The botanicals (angelica root, carissa bark, cardamom pods, coriander seeds, juniper, lemon peel and orris root) are hand-picked based on quality, freshness, flavor profile and consistency. They are sourced from around the world with a huge emphasis on New Zealand whenever possible. NDC currently sources over 63% of their botanicals from New Zealand and they are in the middle stages of a huge research and development initiative to grow 100% of the botanicals.

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About the Producer

The National Distillery Company is a New Zealand distillery based in Ahuriri, Hawke’s Bay, an old maritime town steeped in history and character. Founded by a great mix of bartenders, distillers, brewers, and chefs, the NDC team is Blair Nicholl, Ricardo Reis, and Cristian Hossack. They are strongly dedicated to making the finest spirits on earth with a ‘grain to glass” approach. They produce a wide range of award-winning premium and ultra premium gins and have added their first vodka.

The distillery is located in an historic Art nouveau 1930's landmark building, formerly home of the National Tobacco Company and Rothmans. Considered an architectural rarity, the Distillery is an impressive example of the birth of modernism in New Zealand. Architect Louis Hay's original drawings were based on the idea of an 'arch within a square'.

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