Manzanilla – La Gitana

Hidalgo La Gitana

Manzanilla – La Gitana


Country Spain
Region Cádiz
Producer Bodegas Hidalgo - La Gitana

20L Keg, 375mL, 500mL, 750mL

Style Sherry
Practices Organic
Grapes Palomino

Manzanilla La Gitana is made from Palomino Fino grapes that are carefully cultivated in precious white albariza soils (over 80% Calcium carbonate) that in order to obtain very fine and high-quality grapes. The grapes come from El Cuadrado vineyard, located in the historic Balbaina Alta estate. It is considered a vineyard with the greatest Atlantic influence in Jerez Superior.

After a natural fermentation, the wine enters the soleras (dating back to 1792!) and spends three years in the Bodega San Fermín, located in an area of Sanlucar de Barrameda that is less than 1000 feet from the shore. This prime location results in flor that is thicker than other local wineries. A common misconception is that the proximity to the Atlantic produces the iconic salinity of Manzanilla; in fact it comes from active yeasts.

In three words, this Manzanilla is Bright, Elegant, and Salty.

Rare by nature of its specific location, This Manzanilla is characterized by bright acidity, brilliant clarity, hints of green apple and a distinctive salinity. 15% ABV.

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About the Producer

Bodegas Hidalgo was founded in 1792 and is owned and operated by the 8th generation. It has held a preeminent position in Sanlúcar since the 19th Century. They are the third oldest sherry house and the oldest still owned by the founding family.

The house owns and manages 200 hectares of vines, all farmed organically. The albariza soil is rich in calcium carbonate and diatomaceous algae sediments, similar to the soils of Champagne. These soils are all about minerality. Under a microscope, the albariza soil resembles a sponge, retaining water for very long periods of time. Most of them are located in the Pagos of Miraflores (the renowned Sanlucar de Barrameda vineyard) and Balbaína (between the Atlantic and Jerez). Bodegas Hidalgo is proud to have the tallest Cathedral-style winery, fostering the best possible environment for the development of flor.

The flagship wine, Manzanilla ‘La Gitana’ (The Gypsy Woman) is named after a woman who owned a bar near the docks. The wines have received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.

Bodegas Hidalgo - La Gitana

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