Malbec – Roble

Acequias Mendoza Malbec roble

Malbec – Roble


Country Argentina
Region Mendoza
Producer Valle Las Acequias


Style Red
Grapes Malbec
Other Features Vegan

100% Malbec coming from “Don Angelino” estate, Alto Medrano, a vineyard planted in 1927. The grapes are hand-picked in small boxes during the last week of March and the first week of April. The wine is aged 10 months in French oak barrels followed by 6 months in bottle before release.

Notes of plums and raspberries with touches of vanilla and chocolate. Sweet and round tannins, well balanced, long finish. 13.5% alcohol.

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About the Producer

The Correas family arrived in Mendoza at the end of the 16th Century. The viticultural history of the family began in 1860 with Don Segundo Correas, who planted noble grapes of French origin, and built the first winery. "El Cypress" was renowned in the late 1930's for its Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1972, the winery was modernized to accommodate a production increased by the planting of new vineyards; estate-bottling started. The family owns today 400 hectares of vineyards, some of which are 70 year old, distributed amongst eight farms. The winery is in Alta Medrano, 20 miles south-east of Mendoza. It produces 3 million liters per year: 500,000 liters (from the first press) are bottled under the "Acequias" label while the rest of the wine is sold in bulk to major wineries. Acequias is the name of the canals that were built by the native Indians to carry the water from the melting Andes snow to the desert valleys of Mendoza. They are still used for irrigation, and the gates that block the water are opened once a week to flood the vineyards.

Respecting the artisanal philosophy of their ancestors, the 4th generation of Correas combined state-of-the-art winery with tradition. Engineer Agronomist Julian Correas controls the production daily to achieve optimum quantity while assuring quality. He supervises the pruning of the vines as well as the stripping of the leaves. Harvesting is manual, and the grapes are placed into small, 20 kg plastic containers to avoid oxidation.

Julian Correas and winemaker Daniel Mayorga decide together on the vinification. Their experience and knowledge allow them to produce balanced wines of heighten aromas and flavors.

Bodega Correas

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