Liquore di 37 Erbe

toccasana Erbe

Liquore di 37 Erbe


Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Producer Toccasana


Spirit Type Amer & Amaro
Other Features Low alcohol

White wine infused with 37 herbs, amongst them green anise, chamomile, peppermint, wormwood, horehound, sage, melissa, Turkish rhubarb, basil, gentiana, thyme and rosemary. This is THE Amaro of Piemonte. 21% Alcohol. Serve neat, enjoy hot with a lemon zest or on the rocks with a mint leaf. Drink after a meal as a digestif.

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About the Producer

Teodoro Negro was born in 1910 in Cessole, a village in the Province of Asti. Born two months premature, Teodoro was blessed with the gifts of sensitivity and dowsing. He also had an instinct for herbal remedies and began assiduously collecting herbs. In 1940 he obtained a degree in herbal medicine and made his passion a profession, showing great listening skills and deep empathy for his clients. Thanks to word of mouth, his clientele multiplied and his office was soon filled to capacity with patients traveling from all over northern Italy. During his long career, he perfected a mixture of white wine infused with herbs to help with digestion. The recipe eventually came to include 37 herbs that still make up the secret blend.