Cognac Grande Champagne – Coq

Fillioux COQ

Cognac Grande Champagne – Coq


Country France
Region Cognac
Producer Jean Fillioux
Spirit Type Cognac


Other Features Vegan

This young Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac is a light and pleasantly fresh eau de vie, with floral notes (vine flowers, lime blossom) and fruity citrus notes.

To be enjoyed alone or as a long-drink. The Coq is also an excellent base for cocktails, and an elegant addition to cooked dishes. 40% Alcohol.

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About the Producer

Pascal Fillioux and his son Christophe

The “noblesse” of a cognac depends on its source and its age. The most prestigious source is the Grande Champagne 1er Cru of Cognac, and more precisely, the Golden Triangle. This is where the famed Domaine de La Pouyade is located, in Juillac Le Coq, and where the dynasty of Jean Fillioux has its roots since 1880, when Honore Fillioux founded the firm.

The Magician of aromas....
Each year in October, 5th generation owner Christophe Fillioux harvests the Ugni blanc grapes from his 63 acre vineyard, makes the wine and distills it in his classic alembic stills. After carefully selecting barrels from the cooperage, the young distillate is put to rest for 2 years absorbing maximum tannins and color. Then comes the secret: day after day, month after month, year after year, Christophe Fillioux and his father Pascal can be found in their cellars sniffing, breathing, tasting, making notes, re-tasting, blending, moving barrels, and listening to their cognacs growing older and older. It’s like a ballet in wood and darkness where only they can hear the music. And, the results are just sublime. An undeniable proof that Pascal Fillioux well deserves the reputation of “Magician of Aromas” that the region has given him.

“The Romanée Conti of Cognac”, Jean-Charles Chapuzet – Terre de Vins

Jean Fillioux