Ichinokura Himezen Ume / Plum Princess

ichinokura himezen

Ichinokura Himezen Ume / Plum Princess


Country Japan
Prefecture Miyagi
Producer Ichinokura


Style Tokubetsu Junmai

Light and smooth type. Low alcohol (8.5%). Yellow plum infused sake, elegant and refreshing aromas of plum & herbs, light on the palate. Refined, expansive mild and sweet flavor with clean finish. This is a rare sake, as the base is Umeshu instead of shochu. Serve chilled.

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About the Producer

Ichinokura is a large, modern brewery located in the mountains on the outskirts of Osaki City. It is in the middle of a forest and blessed with clean, fresh air, abundant underground water and rice suitable for sake making. It was founded in 1973 by four rival breweries, each of them with a 100 to 300 year history in Miyagi prefecture. They combined into “One” (Ichi) “Brewery” (Kura), joining forces to produce "the best quality sake”, promote respectful agriculture and revitalize the region through cooperation and a focus on community. They use high-tech machines to complement the irreplaceable low-tech techniques still done by hand.

Ichinokura Brewery

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