Junmai Ginjo – “Fountain of Tokyo”

sawanoi – fountain of tokyo

Junmai Ginjo – “Fountain of Tokyo”


Country Japan
Prefecture Tokyo
Producer Sawanoi


Grade Junmai Ginjo

Brewed with medium-hard water from a 140-meter-deep cave, which yields a sharp, dry sake with well-balanced fruity and floral aromas that turn into savory flavors. Smooth and delicate on the palate. An excellent choice for a coconut curry. Best served chilled or at room temperature. Wine fans who enjoy the dry, floral qualities of Sancerre will love this sake.

SMV: +3 – Acidity: 1.5 – Alcohol content: 15 – 16%

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About the Producer

Ozawa Shuzo was founded in 1702 and is the oldest sake brewery in Tokyo Prefecture. The brewery is in the town of Okutama, which abounds with lush natural beauty despite being part of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Their Sawanoi brand takes its name from the neighboring Sawai area, known for its pristine spring water. The brewery’s water source is perfect for brewing sake, originating deep in Chichibu Paleozoic rock layers, and emerging as a natural spring in a cave.