Cognac Fine Champagne Prestige (15 years old)

Normandin mercier Prestige 15

Cognac Fine Champagne Prestige (15 years old)


Country France
Region Cognac
Producer Normandin-Mercier
Spirit Type Cognac


Other Features Vegan

A blend of Grande Champagne (brings sharpness and length) and Petite Champagne (subtlety, delicacy and sweetness). Flavors of fruits, almond and plum with a rich and fat, but clean finish. Aged 2 years in 350L new barrels, then moved a 600L barrels. 

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About the Producer

Since 1872, five generations have contributed to the development of the prestigious Normandin-Mercier Cognacs. For decades, the family has been obtaining high quality young cognacs from trusted growers located exclusively in the crus of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Château de la Péraudière, Normandin-Mercier has built its fame by perfecting the art of blending and aging cognacs in an exceptional geographical site. The domaine is run today by Edouard, Jean-Marie and Audrey Normandin, who together strive to ensure their products are created with the personal touch and expertise for which the brand has become renowned.

What makes Normandin-Mercier unique?
- The Grapes: Normandin-Mercier cognacs are made with about 90% Ugni Blanc, and 10% of Colombard and Folle Blanche, a very rare blend compared to other cognacs.
- The Cellars: the cognacs are matured in the family château’s traditional cellars near the town of La Rochelle, the historic medieval port that made Cognac famous many centuries ago. The proximity of the ocean, the natural regulation of hygrometry and oceanic temperature all favor the aging of the cognacs, giving them fullness, elegance and a distinctive character.
It is important to note that Normandin-Mercier cognacs contain no artificial coloring and are not subject to a cold filtration in order to preserve a total purity of the aromas and flavors.