Chardonnay Light

Oro Bello Light

Chardonnay Light

Country USA
Region California
Producer Oro Bello

375ml can

Style White
Practices Sustainable
Grapes Chardonnay
Other Features Can, Vegan

93% Chardonnay from Lodi AVA, 7% Sauvignon Blanc from Clarksburg AVA, California. The fruit that comes from Lodi is located at the northern edge of the San Joaquin Valley, east of San Francisco Bay. Lodi enjoys a similar climate and growing conditions to its coastal neighbors Napa and Sonoma. The two major rivers originating in the Sierra Nevada mountain range that feeds the Lodi appellation have brought soils rich in granitic-based minerals that lend complex flavors to the wines of Lodi. The Sauvignon Blanc brings aromatic complexity and a re-balance of acidity.

A  champagne press cycle is used to lower the phenolic content of the wine. The chardonnay goes through both primary and secondary fermentation to increase the richness and viscosity, while the Sauvignon Blanc only goes through primary fermentation in order to maintain its acid and aromatic complexity. Both lots are combined 3 months before bottling and are cross-flow filtered. 40% of volume dealcoholized via Spinning Cone Column Tech to 4% ABV, blended back to create final 9.3% ABV. No chemical additives or adjustments are made except for the addition of the absolute minimum effective sulfites needed. Lowest calories wine per serving in the market. Aromas of yellow apple, white peach and a lingering taste of Meyer lemon.

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About the Producer

Winemaker Alexandre Remy hails from Rennes, France. He holds a master’s degree in food science from the University of Montpellier. His desire to make wine took him to Marlborough, Victoria and Napa Valley.

Sustainability: Alexandre is committed to sustainability, from the vineyards all the way to the labels. Starting with the 2015 vintage, all wines are bottled with Diam Corks, a company that not only has an amazing environmental policy and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, but also guarantees closures that are cork taint free. For the vinification, Alexandre partners with wineries that are within 50 miles of where the grapes are grown. The barrels used are made from French oak staves but are assembled right here in the USA. Finally, Alexandre works exclusively with warehouses that support The Green Initiative Fund.

Oro Bello

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