Breton Single Malt Whisky – Sherry Finish

armorik Sherry Finish

Breton Single Malt Whisky – Sherry Finish


Country France
Region Brittany
Producer Armorik
Spirit Type Whiskey


Other Features Vegan

Armorik Whisky is made from 100% French malted barley. The distillery is located close to the sea (less than 6 miles away) and the weather is as rainy and windy as the Scottish Highlands. Overall, the region is a bit warmer than the Highlands but the humidity level is the same, both of which favor the aging of the whisky. The distillery sits on a water source by the name of Rest Avel (House of Wind), which gives a pure and crystal clear granitic water.
Aged in refill bourbon casks and finished in first fill sherry butts. The natural fruitiness of Armorik is thereby enhanced by warm notes of dried fruit and prunes so characteristic of sherry. Round and warm with notes of candied fruit, grain and a touch of chocolate; creamy texture that coats the palate in a slightly spiced finish. 46% ABV. 

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About the Producer

Located in Lannion, Brittany, the distillery Warenghem has been making high quality liqueurs and spirits for over 100 years. In 1900, Leon Warenghem created his first product, the Elixir d’Armorique, a distillate of 35 plants, which won awards at international exhibitions in 1902. Since then, from one generation to the next, the distillery has created a small range of unusual fruit and plant based liqueurs, honey liqueurs, apple brandy, beers and whiskies. 25 years ago, Warenghem was the first and only distillery to ever produce double distilled whisky in France and today it remains the most renowned.