Baga Nekka Shochu


Baga Nekka Shochu

Country Japan
Prefecture Fukushima
Producer Nekka


Spirit Type Shochu

Local Yumenokaori rice is milled to 60% and brewed like sake, before being distilled. This is an incredibly delicious and luxurious shochu, offering the rare brilliance of floral Ginjo aromas that can easily be paired with food. It has won many international awards and is flavorful enough to be served in a glass like a wine or sake. 25% alcohol.

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About the Producer

Nekka is one of the smallest distilleries in Japan. They are located in the tiny mountain village of Tadami, which receives some of the heaviest snowfall in Japan. Nekka Distillery is a project of heart and community. Founded by 5 sake rice farmers, it was initially conceived with the goal of keeping young people in Tadami and preserving the rural landscape for future generations. Everything is brewed and distilled from the rice they grow, using proprietary yeasts.