Alpataco – Pinot Noir

Alpataco Pinot Noir 1

Alpataco – Pinot Noir

Country Argentina
Region Patagonia
Producer Familia Schroeder


Style Red
Practices Certified Organic, Organic
Grapes Pinot Noir
Other Features Vegan, Screw Cap

“Alpataco” is an indigenous bush that symbolizes the tenacity of life in the Patagonian steppe.

100% Pinot Noir from a low-yielding vineyard. The grapes are hand-picked. 40% of the wine is aged for 3 months in French and American oak barrels, the remaining in stainless steel tanks. Aromas of red fruits (raspberries, strawberries) along with more earthy notes and a hint of cocoa and vanilla. Medium-bodied, round and fruity with soft tannins. 14.3% alcohol.

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About the Producer

San Patricio del Chanar, a new viticultural region in Patagonia (there are only 14 wineries in Patagonia), is home to unparalleled conditions for growing top quality grape varieties. Light stony soils, generous streams of pure water, intense sunlight and a substantial diurnal temperature difference all contribute to make this the next important wine region to emerge from Argentina.

The Schroeders, a European family deeply rooted in Patagonia and well-known for their solid enterprising profile, approached this ambitious 120-hectare project planting such varieties as Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red grapes and Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for the white grapes.
As the vines settled in their terroir through an innovative farming system, the winery saw its inception in October 2002, and grew to become today's fully-functioning vineyard-winery complex, producing exquisite wines that captivate local and foreign consumers. All the grapes are hand-harvested.

During the soil movement that preceded the winery's construction was discovered the remains of a Titanosaur, a dinosaur that roamed the area millions of years ago, and one of the largest species ever known. This discovery alone was important enough to deserve a special cellar, built to exhibit the original fossils, and served as an inspiration for the name of the Saurus line.

Farming practices: The vineyards are Certified Organic under ISO 22000 and Global Good Agricultural Practices "GAP".

Familia Schroeder

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