Kijoshu – aged 8 years


Kijoshu – aged 8 years

Country Japan
Producer Hanahato


Style Aged sake

“This kijoshu has been aged for eight years and has a similar nose to a sherry or port with a honey/nutty /musky /mushroomy aroma. This very rich kijoshu is a balanced blend of dried fruits and earthy mushroom elements that has a malty aftertaste coupled with a full-bodied start and middle mouth. Deep fruit elements come out at different temperature points. The flavor perfectly compliments chocolates of all kinds, especially dark chocolate mousses and other thicker desserts. It does go well with nutty and earthy cigars as well. The red rose color is amazing for a sake, and this brew begs to be served instead of your normal dessert wine”.

This sake is aged for 8 years in stainless steel tanks.
SMV: -44
Acidity: 3.5

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About the Producer

Enoki Shuzo is located in the tiny port town of Ondo-cho, Kure CityHiroshima Prefecture, on the small island of Kurahashi. This region called Setouchi is known for its moderate climate, with a stable year-round temperature and relatively low rainfall levels. The brewery was founded in 1899. They produce elegant sakes which are regularly awarded in international competitions. They are at the origin of the technique of "Kijoshu", consisting of adding sake in the tanks during the fermentation process.  They produced the first kijoshu in 1974.