Junmai Kijoshu (8 years) – Flowers and Birds


Junmai Kijoshu (8 years) – Flowers and Birds

Country Japan
Prefecture Hokkaido
Producer Hanahato


Grade Junmai
Style Koshu (Aged Sake)

This truly unique sake is aged for eight years in stainless steel tanks, developing a deep rose color and savory aromas reminiscent of oxidative Sherry, Tawny Port, or Madeira, with notes of honey, roasted walnuts, and red miso. This sake’s palate-coating, unctuous texture is balanced with flavors of dried fruits, and porcini mushrooms, and chocolate malt. This is a uniquely sweet and savory sake that will pair with dishes that would normally be paired with a classic dessert wine.

SMV: -44 – Acidity: 3.5 – Alcohol content: 16.5%

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About the Producer

Enoki Shuzō Brewery, founded in 1899, is in the tiny port town of Ondo-cho, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The region, Setouchi, is known for its moderate climate, with a stable year-round temperature and relatively low rainfall levels. In 1974, the brewery introduced the first Kijōshu, a sake recipe created by the National Research Institute of Brewing based on ancient sake brewing techniques. Kijōshu is currently made by fewer than 30 breweries in Japan. Kijōshu is brewed using sake instead of water in the last step (tomezoe) of a three-part brewing process.