In the DO of Arabako they eschew the bubbles found in Txakoli from other regions. 45-year-old Juanjo Tellaetxe crafts wines that are organically farmed and naturally made, on land his family has owned since time immemorial. His goal is to produce “honest wines with a deep, local character… avoiding manipulation and masking”. His dedication to Tantaka is second only to his first devotion, his role as priest in the local village.

The family vineyards are located in the Basque Country, south of Bilbao, in Artomaña. This small town is situated in the Valle de Arrastaria, which belongs to the province of Alava. The grape varieties grown are Hondarribi Zuri (Corbu Blanc), Hondarribi Zerratia (Petit Corbu), Riesling and Hondarribi Beltza. Juan began making his wines in 2017.

Farming practices: organic.

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