Rétha Spiritueux is a unique micro-distillery located on the Île de Ré, off the coast of the Cognac region. It was created in 2014 by sailing enthusiast and craft distiller Jérôme Rigaud and Morgan Guilloto, who takes care of the marketing side of the business.

The name “Rétha” derives from the word for “inhabitant” in the patois of the island. The island itself is nicknamed “Ré la blanche,” or White Ré, in reference to the white color of its houses painted with lime and the clarity of the sunlight.

Rétha Spiritueux pays homage to its terroir, its oceanic environment, and the artisanal knowledge of Charentais distillation. Their approach is based on the desire to use the local, natural resources to create authentic, hand-distilled spirits that showcase the strength and essence of the raw materials. They started with Rétha la Blanche, a vodka they created using the fingerling potatoes grown on the Île de Ré − the only potatoes granted AOC status − combined with French wheat distillate, which is then double distilled by a regional micro-distiller. They then added Rétha Oceanic Gin.

Rétha Spiritueux

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