During a career spent in Media, Gerry McSharry spent many happy years entertaining friends and prospective clients in some of the world’s finest restaurants. Whilst building his business, he developed his love affair with fine quality wines and a lifelong interest in Oenology. Upon his retirement from Media, Gerry, along with his son Paul, started a wine importation business in Ireland. They developed a small, but exquisite portfolio of boutique international wines previously unavailable in Ireland.

Paul, however, held a wider dream of being in the Winery, working in the Vineyards and learning the complete craft of winemaking. In 2009, he travelled to the Napa Valley and was able to make that dream a reality. He found himself in the extremely fortunate position of meeting and working alongside celebrated Winemaker Mark Herold, and there, between Paul, Gerry and Mark acting as consultant, MAZE Wines was born. The inaugural vintage saw only 220 cases of MAZE Cabernet Sauvignon produced, and slowly but surely, production has grown over the years to include a single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc from Knights Valley and the extremely limited production CLEW from two small vineyards in Coombsville.

2017 marked another chapter in the MAZE Wines story, as Mike Hirby joined us as Consultant Winemaker. We are delighted to have blended our 2016 wines with Mike and look forward to many years of great winemaking with him. His understanding of our philosophy and our mutual love of making great wines with fantastic raw materials can only be a great omen of things to come!


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