Romain Paire (Domaine des Pothiers) is the dynamic and inventive winemaker who founded the Maison Benoît Jules. He not only heats his house, his office and the tanks in his family estate with vine shoots – a great way to use what would otherwise be a waste, he has also developed an efficient and economic solution against frost to replace candles in the vineyards. In his spare time, he produces craft beer.

Named “discovery of the year” in the 2014 RVF (Revue des Vins Français) awards, his energy is matched only by his talent. He practices organic and biodynamic agriculture, and vinification without inputs and with no or very little sulfur added. His wines are considered a benchmark in the small appellation “Côte Roannaise”.

Maison Benoit Jules is a tribute to Romain’s grandfather Benoit-Jules Paire who cultivated the domaine for more than 50 years and contributed to make it what it is today. The wines are made from grapes (organic or in conversion to organic) purchased from local winegrowers with whom Romain has created a true partnership. They are vinified at the family winery, with the same methods and the same care as for the estate wines.

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