Alain and Jean-Marie Bel 

In the spring of 1966, Roland Bel bought Château Cap de Merle, which at the time included a vineyard of 3 hectares. Today, the estate is run by his two sons, Alain and Jean-Marie, and the vineyards spread over 25 hectares.

Farming practices: sustainable. Each vine has a fifty-year lifespan, and thus it is of utmost importance to protect its health for the long term. The vineyard is continuously monitored to ensure that enemies, such as parasites or fungi, are kept to a level below threat. For example, natural predators are encouraged to check the presence of larva from moths (cochylis and eudemis) whose eggs form tiny ruts on grape skins and thus enable the onset of grey rot. As a result of this practice, more intensive treatments are unnecessary.

Château Cap de Merle

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