CH Distillery is a Chicago-based artisan producer founded in 2013 by Tremaine Atkinson and Mark Lucas, two lifelong friends who shared a passion for home brewing and distilling. Separated by their careers in finance, one living in San Francisco the other in Chicago, they continued to pursue their hobby as a long distance endeavor all the while honing their skills and developing a true appreciation for small batch organic products. As time passed it became apparent that they were spinning their wheels ; so the concept of CH was born. They now live in the same city, and built an extensive portfolio that includes core and specialty spirits. Handmade from organic Illinois grains and using only the finest ingredients – with vodka as the base spirit for all, their products reflect their core values: local whenever possible, approachable, authentic and quality- driven.
The name CH refers to the great city of Chicago and the fundamental compounds in alcohol, Carbon and Hydrogen.

CH/Dogma Group collaboration: The Dogma Group is a boutique beverage agency that was created by Alex Renshaw and Brian Sturgulewski, later joined by Clint Rogers and Kristina Magro. They specialize in unique event design, brand development, and restaurant/bar consultation. From the beginning they wanted to have a signature line-up of quality spirits products that could withstand fads and become bar staples. So in partnership with CH Distillery they crafted a few unique and playful products that could stand on their own or provide an excellent modification on back bar stand-outs.

CH Distillery

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