Francisco Rubio Senior spent his life as a successful industrial developer in Tijuana. In 2003, planning for retirement, he bought some land in Valle de Guadaloupe and built a ranch – a family tradition, as his father and grandfather had one. After one of his trips to Spain, a country that he loved, he decided to start a vineyard on his property. He planted 10 hectares on the hillside of the mountains, with the aim to produce high quality grapes and make his own wine. In 2013, he built his own winery, using the latest technology available in winemaking. Bodegas F. Rubio officially began selling their wines in February 2014. With the help of a consulting oenologist, the entire family is now involved in the project: from winemaking (Alberto) to sales (Francisco Junior) and hospitality (Alexandro). The total production is 2,500 cases, and growing.

The label was chosen after one of Francisco Rubio Senior’s favorite place in Spain, a street called Avenida Elefante (Elephant Avenue). Each cuvée has a different elephant on its label, one for every member of the family. The elephant also represents good luck and prosperity. They are drawn with their trunks pointed up, which shows confidence and the lack of obstacles. And they stand for the memory a good wine leaves you.

Farming practices: sustainable.

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