Exploitation Agricole du Galion, founded in 1849, owns over 1800 acres of sugar cane fields that extend over the Caravelle peninsula and its surroundings. These lands of volcanic origin, ideal for cultivating cane, have been cultivated for a very long time, and have demonstrated their remarkable quality. But they are far from uniform.

Single plots rhums
The lands of Galion are diverse and give rise to very different rums. Some, in the interior of Martinique, receive nearly two meters of precipitation each year, while others on the Caravelle peninsula receive barely half. Between these humid zones and these dry zones, the rums present quite different faces. Some will be opulent and soft, others drier and more subtle.

A new vision of agricultural rhum
Baie des Trésors is the pure expression of the Martinique terroir, without any artifice or additives. No sugar, caramel or other additives are added. The color is totally natural, and so is the taste.
Each parcel benefits from a personalized aging process, always in small oak barrels. For the rums of humid zones, it will be mainly French oak. For the rums of dry areas, the American oak will be preferred. The Caucasian oak will bring fresh tones. Each rum is a complex composition, and it is this complexity which will give birth to subtle rums with remarkable nuances.

Pure sugar Rhum Agricole
Rhum Agricole comes from the distillation of freshly squeezed, fermented cane juice (vesou). The remarkable sweetness of the rhum is the result of a long and meticulous work of selecting the plots, of distillation to the right degree, and of a sophisticated aging.

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