Featured Cocktail

Island Fruit fizz

SERVING SIZE: 1 person


Created and developed by Sarah Dunn (IG: @apothecaryeast)


1. In a shaker, mix Jules Theuriet Grapefruit Liqueur with dry white port, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and ice.
2. Shake the mixture and strain it into a chilled wine glass.
3. Pour in the Le Jara Prosecco Spumante and sparkling water.
4. Add ice to the glass so that it is full and stir gently to ensure all ingredients are combined.
5. Garnish with a sprig of chopped rosemary, peel a long strip of skin from the grapefruit.
6. Squeeze the peel to spray the oils in the peel over the drink, and gently rub it around the rim of the glass, turning it over and placing it next to the rosemary sprig as a second garnish.