Located in the North East of Sicily, not far from Librizzi, Tenuta Gatti is a 217 hectare estate on the slopes of the Nebrodi mountain range. This setting of great natural beauty is still a pristine corner of true Sicily. Since 1825, five generations have cared for the land. Gatti is an old Sicilian family, originally coming to Sicily from Malta in 1450. The winery was started in 1825 in the same building being used today. Nicolas was taken by his mother (Russo) to live in Argentina as a baby but returned often to the family winery, and moved there permanently after he gave up his work in aerospace in 2003. He makes 4 reds, 2 whites and 2 spumante.

The estate hosts a variety of plantations (citrus, olive, chestnut and hazelnut trees as well as forests) but is particularly proud of its vineyards, which spread over 17 hectares. The cultivated varieties are mostly indigenous: Grillo, Insolia, Catarratti, Malvasia, Nocera and Nero d’Avola, with some international ones such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Nero and Sauvignon Blanc. Every bunch of grape is selected and handpicked.

Farming/vinification practices: organic since 1992 and certified. The wines are vegan. 

Tenuta Gatti

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