Most unusually, Pascal and Alain Lorieux run two domaines, separately and together: Pascal in St Nicolas de Bourgueil – since 1985, and Alain in Cravant (Chinon) – since 1989. They share a love and expertise for Cabernet Franc. That is all they grow, vinify, and bottle. They own 20 hectares of vines, 12ha on the best hillside sites in St Nicolas, and 8ha in Cravant. Their wines express beautiful, supple and pure Cabernet Franc fruit.

Farming practices: sustainable. Grass is allowed to grow between the rows to avoid soil erosion, compete with the vines in order to lower the yields, and maintain the biodiversity of the vineyard. Once a year, organic matter (from mushrooms or marc) is added to the soil to nourish the vines.

Pascal et Alain Lorieux

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