Situated south-east of Montefalco in Giano dell’Umbria, Azienda Agraria Moretti Omero is owned and run by Omero Moretti. The area is small but in ten years has grown from 30 farms to 62. The origins of the property go back to just after the first World War, when in 1925 Moretti’s grandfather Domenico emigrated from Switzerland, using his savings to buy his first olive grove. Omero fell in love with farming after receiving his first tractor in 1972 and joined the family business, eventually bringing his wife Daniela and two daughters, Lucia and Giusy, into the fold. Today, the 32 ha estate has over 4500 olive trees and 38,000 vines (11 ha).

In 1992, the estate adopted organic viticulture and in 1993 Omero began making a luscious olive oil. In 1997, he planted vines and four years later crafted his first vintage of Sagrantino. Omero Moretti was the second winery in Umbria to be certified organic. In 2005, Moretti began a project with the University of Perugia, working with two selected strains, one of Sagrantino and one of Malvasia, respectively, maintained at the University.

Moretti produces two whites: Grechetto and Nessuno, a blend of Grechetto and Malvasia. The estate also produces four reds: Terre di Giano, a blend of Sangiovese-Ciliegiolo-Merlot; Montefalco Rosso; Sagrantino; and Sagrantino Passito. Traditionally made in a sweet style (Passito), winemakers started to produce Sagrantino in a dry style in the late 1980’s.
Soils: Fertile, deep soils of medium texture, with clay and limestone.

Farming/vinification practices: Certified Organic. Organic compost of grass and manure. Copper and sulfur on the grapes when needed. Certified Vegan since the 2015 vintage.
Yeasts: Part indigenous, part inoculated. Some years the white wines are inoculated, as they are
 the firsts to enter the winery. In 2017 the reds were fermented with indigenous yeasts, as there were enough yeasts in the winery mid-September. The yeasts used in the fermentation of the Sagrantino are selected yeasts from indigenous yeasts, and come from Sagrantino grapes. 

Omero Moretti

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