Located in the picturesque countryside of Montepulciano, Azienda Agricola Nottola was founded in 1992 to embody Cavaliere Anterivo Giomarelli’s vision of only producing wines of the highest quality. To this effect, he hired Riccardo Cotarella, one of Italy’s greatest winemakers. International recognition soon followed with the introduction of Nottola’s “Vigna del Fattore” and Nobile di Montepulciano, both earning the estate a reputation as one of the top wine producers in Montepulciano. Today the winery is run by one of Anterivo’s sons, Giuliano Giomarelli. Riccardo Cotarella is the consulting winemaker, while Valeria Cesari, MS, acts as executive winemaker and decides on the style of the wine.

Farming/vinification practices: Sustainable farming. The wines are vegan.


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