Owner and winemaker McPrice “Mac” Myers specializes in Rhône style wines. He prefers the winemaking style of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and strives to craft vintages that reflect similar old world complexities.

When McPrice was a young troublemaker in east Los Angeles, he says his father – first a prison guard, then a teacher – used to tell him he would wind up behind bars. After graduating from high school in the mid 1990’s, Myers wasn’t particularly interested in college, but he did like to play baseball, so he went to Cypress College to play third base. After hurting his arm, he couldn’t play so he dropped out and got a job managing a Trader Joe’s in Orange County, California. That’s when he discovered his calling. After tasting through the store’s eclectic inventory of wines, he resolved to learn more about winemaking. He began traveling to the wineries of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, and he even volunteered to work as a cellar rat at a number of respected Central Coast producers. In 2002 Myers started making his own wine under his eponymous label.

McPrice Myers is currently producing 3,000 cases a year and to great acclaim, much of which is sold direct in his tasting room. He is one of the most progressive winemakers in Southern California.

McPrice Myers

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