Jean Pla Sélection is based in Pla’s home town of Saint Paul de Fenouillet. His family has been growing grapes and making wine for generations.

Pla created his company in 2000. He works with different grape growers and winemakers in Maury and the neighboring areas of Rasiguères, Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet and Tautavel to create his own blends. The top wines are put under the Passion Classico label. These wines come primarily from vineyards of 30 to over 100 years of age. 
Maury is blessed with many old Grenache vines as well as those of Syrah, Carignan and other grapes. Much of the juice traditionally found its way into the fortified reds of Maury. As this style of wine has quietly lost favor, Pla recognized the potential of the grapes for the powerful, natural wines he produces.

Farming practices/ cellar practices: Minimal use of herbicide: the winegrowers tend to use none or very little, both because of a price consideration and because of the dry climate of Maury. Same applies to pesticide and fungicide. The wind keeps the vines dry and healthy. In the cellar, both native and cultured yeasts are used, but the strains need to work with 15% alcohol.

Jean Pla

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