Pacharán is a Spanish liqueur which is made from crushed and fermented sloes, the black-purple colored fruit of the blackthorn tree. It is almost exclusively made in the Spanish region of Navarre where it is also known as Patxaran in the Basque language. The drink dates back to the Middle Ages.

Pacharán San Cernin belongs to a Navarran family, Munarriz. They have been making pacharán for more than 70 years. Today Fernando Munarriz is the one that runs the production, using the most traditional methods. In the beginning, he only made it in small quantities, approximately 100 litres a year for his family and friends. From 1990 onwards, he began to make it in greater quantities as a result of friends asking for more. He initially increased the production to 200 litres, expanding each year to reach the current level of 10,000 litres.

By 2002, he had already established his reputation in Navarre, and began to make pacharán on a more professional level, registering the brand. Since 2010, San Cernin has belonged to the Pacharán of Navarre Designation of Origin, to which only five companies belong and whose strict controls further guarantee the quality of their product.

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