Urakasumi, located in Shigoma, Miyagi prefecture, was founded by the Saura family in 1724 as the official supplier of sacred sake for the Shiogama Shinto shrine. Koichi Saura is the brewery’s 13th generation owner. The name “Urakasumi” means “Misty Bay” (Ura is bay and Kasumi is mist), which is inspired by a 13th century poem of the same name that praises the beauty of Shiogama Bay. Urakasumi is widely regarded as one of the finest breweries in the prefecture.

The water used for brewing sake is drawn from wells near Matsushima Bay. It is relatively hard water and contains the proper amount of nutrients for healthy yeast development. Using techniques accumulated over many years, highly polished rice is fermented slowly at low temperatures using Urakasumi’s in-house yeast. Urakasumi produces fragrant, light sake with a well-rounded flavor. It has been described as maboroshi, a dreamy sake, and has won the gold prize 33 times in 47 years.


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