Harushika, located in Nara City, Nara prefecture, was founded in 1884 by the Imanishi family, though the brewery’s history can be traced back to the 8th century as a private brewer of ceremonial sake for the Kasuga Shinto shrine. The brewery took the name Harashika (spring deer) from Kashuga, a deer deity and patron of and important shinto shrine located near the brewery. Nara is one of Japan’s most historic cities and served as Japan’s capital in the 8th century. Nara’s brewerys, including Harushika’s predecessors, were instrumental in creating the moro-haku process of using highly polished white rice for both koji and brewing – a process that is now standard for all modern sakes.

Harushika’s motto could be translated to: ““Polish the rice, the water, the technique and the mind”.


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