The tiny Moselle AOC (just 100 acres) is tucked up in the northeast corner of France, just over the Vosges Mountains from Alsace, near the Luxembourg border. Although an important wine region up to the mid-nineteenth century, phylloxera, industrialization, and two world wars brought near obliteration of viticulture around Metz, in Lorraine.

Originally, production was sold to make champagne until 1910, when the A.O.C. Champagne was created. Marie-Geneviève and Norbert Molozay discovered the Château de Vaux in September 1999. They saw extraordinary potential in the vineyard, located in the hills of Vaux, Jussy, Lessy and Vic-sur-Seille,as it offered a complete palette of soils and grape varieties. At the time, the Moselle vineyards were spread over 39 hectares, five and a half of which belonged to Château de Vaux. Consolidation of the parcels ensued, the vineyard grew, agricultural techniques improved, and the cellars were restored. Together, Marie-Geneviève and Norbert resuscitated France’s most northerly appellation.

Farming/winemaking practices: certified organic since 2014. The wines are vegan.

Château de Vaux

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