Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu


Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu

Country Japan
Prefecture Tokushima
Producer Narutotai


Grade Ginjo
Style Genshu

This is a vivacious Yamahai (an old-school method of producing the moto in a warmer environment to encourage naturally occurring lactic bacteria to drop into the tank, resulting in a gamier style of sake) Genshu (no additional water added at bottling). Rich and flavorful full-bodied sake with aromas of citrus and spice, expansive savory flavors and long finish.

Rice:  Yamadanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 48%
Yeast: Kumamoto
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.8

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About the Producer

The Honke Matsuura brewery was founded in 1804 by Naozo Matsuura in in the city of Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture. Their Narutotai (Naruto sea bream) brand of sake has been a registered trademark since 1866. In addition to its strong association with the Naruto Strait, the tai – commonly regarded as the king of fish on the island of Shikoku – was chosen as a mascot for the brewery due to its elegance. Narutotai was one of the first premium sakes to gain a cult following in New York and has been championed by Master Sommelier/Sake Samurai Roger Dagorn since 1998.

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