Sauvignon Blanc Steinmühle

kollwentz Steinmühle

Sauvignon Blanc Steinmühle


Country Austria
Region Burgenland


Style White
Practices Sustainable
Grapes Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an old Burgenland variety. In the vineyard, it is the most difficult grape variety altogether. It makes special demands on its location and it grows perfectly on meager flint-stone (silex) soils (not limestone). Such are the soils found in Ried Steinmühle, giving expressive wines with delicately pungent fruit brought about by the interplay with the Pannonian climate prevailing in Burgenland. The vines are between 25 and 40 years old. This cuvée is raised in 70% stainless steel and 30% large oak casks and bottled in March following the vintage. The aroma spectrum of this Sauvignon reaches from green peppers to elder flowers and passion fruit.

The single vineyard Steinmühle is located on a plateau above the Wulka River, which is the largest tributary to Lake Neusiedl. This plateau rises 15 meters above the Wulka Plain. It was formed by sediments from the Leitha River thousands of years ago. The mighty quartz gravels are also known as flintstone or silex. According to soil maps, this soil is the driest location in the district of Eisenstadt and surroundings. It is excellently suited for growing Sauvignon Blanc. During the growing season, Sauvignon vines need sufficient water for the development of aromas and flavors. This does not only come from the soil, but for the major portion also via the leaves. Due to its closeness to the Wulka River, heavy dew forms early in the morning. This phenomenon creates a very special mesoclimate and, along with the flintstone soil, produces the pungent fruitiness at a simultaneously high physiological ripeness of the Sauvignon Blanc Steinmühle. Around 500 cases made.

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