Junmai Daiginjo – “Sanka” Mountain Flowers


Junmai Daiginjo – “Sanka” Mountain Flowers


Country Japan
Prefecture Nagano
Producer Masumi


Style Junmai Daiginjo

The name “Sanka” (“mountain flowers”) is taken from a poem by the famous Chinese poet, LiBai: mountain flowers come out when two people drink together. It is also an homage to the elegant flowers on Mt. Yatsugatake in early spring. Complex aromas of flowers, fruits and herbs. Pairs well with sauteed vegetables. Rice type: Yamada-Nishiki

Seimaibuai: 45%
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.4 
Alc: 16% – 17%

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About the Producer


Established in Suwa in 1662 - Shinshu region, prefecture of Nagano - Masumi has been dedicated to brewing under the brand name "Masumi no Kagami" (The Masumi Mirror), after a national treasure in the Suwa Taisha Shrine. Masumi is renowned for its original, superior sake yeast, "Kyotai #7", which is now used in the majority of breweries in Japan.