Mezcal Reposado

Lauro label

Mezcal Reposado


Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Producer Espíritu Lauro


Spirit Type Mezcal
Other Features Vegan

70% Espadin (9 year old), 30% Karwinskii, 15 to 17 year old. Single distillation. Natural yeast during fermentation. Aged for 3-4 months in Jack Daniels barrels that have been scraped out to leave a light charring. Soft scents of wood, light smoke and clean roasted Agave notes. Pale straw color. In the mouth it is medium bodied, complex and silky with nuances of smoke, jalapeño, vanilla, cedar, roasted vegetables and agave. Best served neat. 40% Alcohol.

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About the Producer

Espíritu Corsa began its journey in January 2010 with one goal: producing the best mezcal in México. The mezcals are made in San Agustin Amatengo (in the province of Oaxaca) following a traditional artisan process that is all natural and handcrafted, without any additives or artificial products.

This authentic and traditional handcrafted process includes:
* agaves are grown cultivated and wild
* agaves are hand shredded with machetes and cooked in earth ovens
* mashing process is done by using an animal traction mill wheel
* fermented 8 to 15 days in wooden barrels
* single distillation in copper stills
* bottled by hand

Espíritu Corsa produces three levels of mezcal: Buen Bicho, Santa Pedrera and Espíritu Lauro, the last including the Single Agave Series.

Espíritu Lauro



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