Mezcal Joven

Lauro label

Mezcal Joven


Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Producer Espíritu Lauro


Spirit Type Mezcal
Other Features Vegan

70% Espadin (9 year old), 30% Karwinskii, 15 to 17 year old. Natural yeast during fermentation. This mezcal is bright, with a mild, smoky bouquet, notes of dried herbs and a distinctive sweet agave finish expressive of the terroir. Baked jalapeños fade quickly into a light, mouthwatering saline note on the mouth. 40% Alcohol.

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About the Producer

Espíritu Corsa began its journey in January 2010 with one goal: producing the best mezcal in México. The mezcals are made in San Agustin Amatengo (in the province of Oaxaca) following a traditional artisan process that is all natural and handcrafted, without any additives or artificial products.

This authentic and traditional handcrafted process includes:
* agaves are grown cultivated and wild
* agaves are hand shredded with machetes and cooked in earth ovens
* mashing process is done by using an animal traction mill wheel
* fermented 8 to 15 days in wooden barrels
* single distillation in copper stills
* bottled by hand

Espíritu Corsa produces three levels of mezcal: Buen Bicho, Santa Pedrera and Espíritu Lauro, the last including the Single Agave Series.

Espíritu Lauro



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