Junmai Daiginjo – “Ōhshima Shuichi”


Junmai Daiginjo – “Ōhshima Shuichi”


Country Japan
Prefecture Okayama
Producer Kamikokoro


Grade Junmai Daiginjo

Ōshima Shuichi Junmai Daiginjo is an elegant, smooth, and balanced Junmai Daiginjo with pronounced cantaloupe, bosc pear, and jasmine flower aromas. The mouthfeel is round and full, with an exceptionally clean, mineral driven finish. The full body and clean finish are reminiscent of a Wachau Riesling.

SMV: +2 – Acidity: 1.1 – Alcohol content: 15%-16%

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About the Producer

Kamikokoro was founded in 1913 in Asakuchi, Okayama prefecture (a famous peach producing area), by the Fujii family. It is a tiny, boutique operation, with only 23 employees. Since the brewery’s founding, attention to detail and quality have been their primary concern.

A Japan documentary - The art of sake making / with Uchikura, Kamikokoro brewery's toji